Thinking about making a baby in 2023?
Now is the time to start preparing for that journey.
Learn how with my 5 step quick start fertility guide.

You will learn

  • How to track ovulation to optimise your conception chances (most people don't have sex at the right time 😳 )

  • How to increase important fertility nutrients to improve sperm and egg health

  • Which blood tests to ask your GP for to get a preconception check up

  • When and how to seek help if you feel like something is wrong with your fertility

  • Which nutrients are essential to supplement with before and during pregnancy

This is for you, if you want to

  • Feel prepared and knowledgeable going into your fertility journey

  • Learn how to add fertility friendly nutrients into your every day diet with minimal effort

  • Have a clear plan with easy steps to follow to help you on your journey to conception

The webinar will cover

  • How to track ovulation using ovulation tests or your body temperature

  • When to plan intercourse for to optimise conception chances

  • Key nutrients and lifestyle practices to improve egg and sperm health

  • How to easily incorporate fertility friendly nutrients into your meals

  • Which tests to ask your GP for in order to check on your health before conception

  • Which supplements are essential before and during pregnancy, and which ones you can skip

  • Guidelines on when and how to access help in New Zealand and Australia if you are struggling with conception

  • A take home guide summarising the masterclass content


  • When can I watch the masterclass?

    Right away! This is a pre-recorded session and Q+A. You can watch the video right away and ask questions on the course platform or in the private Facebook group.

  • Can I take part if I am on contraception?

    Absolutely! You can save all the information for when you stop using hormonal contraception.

  • Will the information still be helpful if I have an irregular cycle?

    Yes, the tracking and the testing will help you figure out why your cycle is irregular and will help you better pin point ovulation regardless of regularity.

  • If I have further questions how can I ask them?

    You are welcome to post questions in the Wellness By Jessica Facebook community and I will answer them there.

Thinking about making a baby in 2023?
Now is the time to start preparing for that journey.

Learn how with my 5 step quick start fertility masterclass.

Meet your expert

Jessica Giljam Brown (BSc Human Nutrition, PgDip Herbal Medicine) is a degree-qualified nutritionist and medical herbalist, passionate about women's health.

Jessica has worked with hundreds of couples to help optimise their fertility and support their journey to a healthy baby. Jessica advocates for evidence-based health education, this means that the information passed onto you has studies and proof behind it.