Get to the bottom of your gut issues

Join me for a 60-minute webinar to help you FINALLY get to the bottom of your gut issues. Imagine waking up without bloating or worrying about how noisy your stomach is going to be in the office today. Great gut health doesn't have to feel like a careful balancing act. It's possible to eat food without fear of your stomach rebelling two hours later. I firmly believe that when your gut is working well you can eat all foods. I don't believe that you need to follow a strict diet, excluding lots of foods, just to have a comfy belly. The truth is that most of the gut issues I see in clinic are fixed quite simply, without any crazy pills or diets. Consistent, common sense habits informed by actual science (not instagram fads) is what makes for great gut health.

You will leave with an understanding of:

  • The phases of digestion - and how to figure out which phase you're having issues with

  • How the gut microbiome impacts your health and how to support it

  • How to minimise bloating and gas

  • How to support regular healthy bowel motions

  • How your sex hormones and cycle impact your gut

  • Which foods to include more of to support gut health

  • Which gut health supplements and tests are worth your time and money


Awesome korero

Hayley D

Super valuable korero about the different stages of digestion and tips to help with each phase. So grateful to have been sent the notes to go back on and re read it as the time went by really quick. Jessica was generous with her time in answering questions at the end, would definitely recommend this webinar to anyone wanting to learn more about gut health.

Get your gut sorted now

It's time to say 'goodbye' to bloating and implement some science-backed changes for better gut health